Housing Design Features:

?Rugged, light-weight casing

?Power coated aluminium body

?Knife-edge seal for maximum filtration efficiency

?Universal mounting bracket

?High performance particulate removal cartridges

?For best results, flow rates are limited between 4-6 l/min per housing


Features and Benefits:

Compatible with:

?Mineral based oils  ?Diesel  ?Petrol  ?Biodiesel  ?Bio-ethanol  ?Heating oils  ?Kerosine oils  ?Turbine oils  ?Water based fluids  


  ?Eliminates water from oil using cellulose elements 

?Eliminates oil from water using polypropylene elements

?Does not remove additive packages

?Extends oil drain intervals

?Increases service intervals

?Provides continuous protection

?Environmentally friendly

?Reduces machine downtime

?Removes dirt and solid contaminants down to NAS 5/ ISO 14/9 or better