Housing Design Features:

�Rugged, light-weight casing

�Power coated aluminium body

�Knife-edge seal for maximum filtration efficiency

�Universal mounting bracket

�High performance particulate removal cartridges

�For best results, flow rates are limited between 4-6 l/min per housing


Features and Benefits:

Compatible with:

�Mineral based oils  �Diesel  �Petrol  �Biodiesel  �Bio-ethanol  �Heating oils  �Kerosine oils  �Turbine oils  �Water based fluids  


  �Eliminates water from oil using cellulose elements 

�Eliminates oil from water using polypropylene elements

�Does not remove additive packages

�Extends oil drain intervals

�Increases service intervals

�Provides continuous protection

�Environmentally friendly

�Reduces machine downtime

�Removes dirt and solid contaminants down to NAS 5/ ISO 14/9 or better